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About Us
What does Newbury Business Consulting do?
We often hear about the sign posted on the backbench walls of the New York Yankees that reads: ”There is no Substitute for Victory”. The fierce global competition that we see everyday among financial institutions such as investment banks, asset management companies and hedge funds, is no different than that seen in the world of Major League Baseball. Our Services deliver effective outcomes and successful results, leading to your personal and professional enhancement.

We are here to assist you, so you can achieve your own goals.
  Company Profile
Company Name Newbury Business Consulting Co., Ltd.
Address The Inamura Building
9-2 Nihonbashi Kayabacho 1-chome
Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0025
Capital Paid-In Capital      JPY16,000,000
Establishment December 1st, 2004
President and CEO Simon S. Maru
  Our Services
- Business Consulting Service
We provide our corporate clients—mostly major financial institutions—with advice for developing strategies and goals. We also collaborate with other business consultants to develop specialized business strategies and provide human resource consulting services.
- Fee-Based Recruiting Service (License No. 13-yu-300638)
We recruit financial specialists, including high profile executives, for major financial institutions.
- Corporate Seminars and Events Planning Service
We assist our clients in the planning and coordination of corporate training sessions, lectures, and seminars.
- Document Translation Service
We specialize in document translation and revision of technical reports – those written by financial analysts, strategists, and economists – for distribution to investors and general readers. Subsequent to translation, we provide on-time delivery services to our corporate clients.
- Issuance of Periodicals
We research and publish up-to-date information on financial procurement of Japanese businesses, corporations and municipal governments in the direct finance market. Reports will be issued and distributed on a bi-weekly basis to subscribers.
  CEO Profile
Simon S. Maru
Prior to founding Newbury Business Consulting in December 2004, Simon held chief positions in the Foreign Bond Department, Corporate Relations Department and the Capital Market Department of Credit Suisse First Boston. In 2001, in recognition for his work in Government Housing Loan securitization, Simon received the ISR Best Arranger for Asia-Pacific Award.

His professional career began in 1978 at Daiwa Securities Inc. (presently, Daiwa Securities SMBC) serving as a sales associate for retail investors at the Shibuya branch. In 1981, he transferred to Daiwa Securities Inc. Headquarters and assumed responsibilities as Sales Associate of the Domestic/Foreign Bond Department, serving institutional investors. In 1983, he transferred to the Convertible Bond Department and, in collaboration with the Japan Securities Dealers Association, he contributed to the establishment of Euro CB and Tokyo over-the-counter Market for Warrant.

From 1987 to 1992, he was part of the Bond trading team at Daiwa Securities Inc. New York, where he constructed the 24-hour trading system for the JGB Trading Book. He was also engaged in sales promotion of securitized products, such as CMO, RTC, Mobile Home, and Multi Seller Apartment Loan with the Mortgage Loan Securitization team.

Simon returned to Daiwa Headquarters in Tokyo in 1998. Appointed as the Bond Department manager, he supervised the Self Trading division and Customer Dealing division under the Foreign Bond Products section.

Simon has a B.A. of Law degree from Keio University (1978). In the summer of 2004 he completed Human Resources Management program at Northeastern University.

He is an experienced mountain climber and has summited numerous peaks including the Garhwal Himalayas’ Kedarnath Dome in 1980.
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